Beginners Shamanic Journeying to Awaken and Step Into the Power of Your Authentic Self



How to approach your health differently (holistically) discovering new, easy ways to take care of your emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, professional, sexual, and relational life.

Shamanism is an ancient and traditional powerful practice. Learn why shamanism is relevant today, and how it can be directly used in modern, everyday life for improvement in all areas.

Create foundations for easily accessible, effective, and safe intentional spiritual shamanic journeying that you can apply for the good and growth of your highest potential.

Connect with your spirit teachers/guides in human and animal form, who you can continue to access for advice, healing and support.

Identify wounds that have been holding you back, using our experiential way of healing. Often, our patterns and problems cannot logically be resolved. We need a soul experience to truly work through and manage them.

Healers or leaders in any position (i.e., talk therapist, acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner, CEO, manager etc) will quickly integrate and apply these learnings in life and work for radical change and improvement.


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Renee L McKenna
is an American hypnotherapist, Shamanic healer, and author of the book and audio series Allies & Demons: Working With Spirit For Power And HealingRenee leads workshops, groups, and individual mentorship for personal growth since 1988. Spiritual Psi-Kology is her unique blend of Shamanism and Buddhist philosophy, hypnotherapy, and body-based mindfulness.

We live in an interactive universe that wants to support our growth and evolution. Bring an open mind, time alone, a notebook, and your curiosity. Expanding your worldview starts now and we are gratefully excited to welcome you in our course.




5 Lessons with Guided Audio

Throughout our course, you will have readings, video, and guided audio accompanying you throughout each lesson. There are also shamanic drum recordings, if you wish to journey without voice. This allows you to enter into the theta brainwave state—a relaxed and open space of consciousness.

Case Studies & Homework

You are provided with writing prompts and additional questions and exercises to deepen your practice, along with journey story examples from people just like you.

Online Certification & Access to Therapist

Earn a certificate of completion with our engaging, self-paced course as a Shamanic practitioner.

Contact your course teacher directly with any comments or questions.



Journey 1 

Find Your Sacred Place In Nature

Learn how-to Shamanic Journey (similar to guided meditation) and discover your safe and sacred place in nature.

Journey 2 

Connect With Your Element

With your new knowledge of journeying, you will continue to strengthen your practice.

Journey 3 

Meet Your Power Animal

Your power animal is a resource and a primary guide to bring you timeless wisdom, clarity, and direction in life.


Karen's Journey

"This place felt very warm and safe to  me. I lay in the warm sun and the soft ground was comfortable and reassuring. The forest around the clearing felt protective and allowed me to relax in a way that was completely new."


Roger's Journey

"I hiked through the woods until I came to a clearing with a large ancient tree. I felt a deep emotional connection. The roots and branches felt like gentle protection... and I could feel this life energy flow through my body. I've named this giant oak Grandfather Tree and continue to feel safe, nourished and grounded by it."


Marta's Journey

"A giant whale, deep in the ocean, floated close to my body under the water. The whale's huge eye looked at me with such love, that felt unconditional. I felt safe and empowered by the enormous, patient, maternal presence of whale."

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