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Welcome back to Level 2 of this exciting and explorative work.


If you are new here, please first complete Level 1 to the Lower World.


We believe in holistic medicine. The answers, growth, and healing we seek can be found from within.

Accessing this greater knowing will change the course of your life and your experience of it.


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What you'll get

Lesson & Audio

Continue your work into the wonderful world of Shamanism. This course includes 5 lessons:


1. Journey To The Upper World

2. Journey To A Teacher In Human Form

3. Deepening Connection With Your Teacher In Human Form

4. Ask An Important Question

5. Ritual Of Connection And Calling Power

Case Studies & Homework

You are provided with writing prompts and additional questions and exercises to deepen your practice. Along with journey story examples from people just like you.


Reminder: This is an opportunity to access non-rational parts of your brain which use modes of self-expression other than words. Feel free to collage or use pictures if you prefer. Some find creative self-expression exciting; others find it scary. Observe if self-judgment, fear, or constriction occur around this process of using non-verbal or creative methods to communicate. Observe with compassion and do it anyway.

Online Certification & Access To Therapist

Earn a certificate of completion with our engaging, self-paced course as a Shamanic practitioner.

Contact your course teacher directly with any comments.

Periodically we run free journey groups, meeting weekly LIVE. Inquire to join for free.

Jon's Inner Journey


Jon flew up into the stars and passed through a door that led to a rocky coastline on a black sand beach. His teacher in human form lived in a little lighthouse on the edge of a seaside cove, surrounded by water. Jon was welcomed to come to the cabin whenever he needed rest or restoration. 

Jon’s teacher was named Krolls. Krolls was a large, strong seaman with a heavily lined face. He was a navigator with a great knowledge of the stars and also a hands on healer. Krolls did some energy work on Jon’s head and heart, extracting some black sticky strings and filling him with blue and white light. In the cabin Jon found many powerful tools and items which he learned to use in future journeys.


Jon's Outer Experience


Through Jon's inner journey work, he felt more peaceful and grounded in his daily life. The guidance and inspiration that he received from these powerful, personal spiritual connections gave him strength and willingness to make positive constructive changes in his life.

Jon left his corporate job to start a landscaping company, and moved closer to the water. His days were now filled with nature rather than sitting behind a computer, which was once draining. Jon's relationship and commitment to his partner deepened and they chose to start a family. Jon's anxiety and inner judge diminished greatly as he found a sense of meaning and purpose that had been missing from his life. He felt and now trusted in his capabilities with the wisdom and assurance from his inner guide(s). Jon bought a mini lighthouse to keep on his bedside table as a reminder that he is supported.

Journey With Us

Meet Your Instructor

Renee L McKenna is an American hypnotherapist, Shamanic healer, and author of the book and audio series Allies & Demons: Working With Spirit For Power And Healing. Renee leads workshops, groups, and individual mentorship in Transpersonal Psychology and personal growth since 1988. Spiritual Psi-Kology is her unique blend of Shamanism and Buddhist philosophy with western humanistic psychology, hypnotherapy, and body-based mindfulness.

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