as we host weekly groups for empowerment, connection, and support.


Therapy Group


Awaken the power of your authentic self

Transform issues at their core​​.​

​✨Gentle, effective tools of body-based mindfulness, hypnotherapy and guided inner journeys

​✨Release destructive  patterns, negative beliefs and past trauma.​

​✨Establish healthy, mature and constructive ways of being and relating​.

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What members are saying...

"Your session did more for my healing
than many years of therapy. I've left the
toxic mess behind. I'm living in a new
place, cooking food I like, meditating and laugh out loud happy. I'm forever grateful for your gift of getting rid of my past negativity. Thank you!"

"I am strong and myself again after nearly losing everything. This help was a light in my darkest time."

"What a wonderful practitioner. This form of treatment has done more for my PTSD than any other practitioners I have seen put together. I did not see a real change in my symptoms until this work."

There is a Great Reality which is our true nature and our ultimate home. Interesting and evocative topics will empower, connect and challenge you on a soul level.


We are ALL broken AND brilliant in our own unique configuration of consciousness.

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