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WTF Is Inner Journeying?

Guided meditations that provide direct connection to an inner resource as an aspect of our own highest self.

WTF Is The Hero's Journey?

Taken as a map for our own inner experience, each aspect of the journey represents a part of ourselves.

WTF Is Emotional Maturity?

Willingness to be honest, self reveal, and a dedication to being vulnerable and transparent.

WTF Are Jungian Archetypes?

Myths, great stories and the characters in them are like instruction manuals for personal growth.

Life Is A Verb

A great cosmic dance. Everything in the material world is made of consciousness. More than that, everything has consciousness. The life force permeates all of creation. When we experience life as a conversation with all that we encounter, our outlook and our experience of people, places and things changes radically from separation and isolation to connection and inclusion.

Intellect vs Intuition

Intellect and Intuition work together to create our experience, help us make choices to create and process reality. In modern life, many of our material needs may be cared for, but the state of our souls, hearts, and minds are suffering greatly. Logical understanding is important, even necessary, but the rational mind often cannot access the emotional or spiritual systems where much of our struggles reside.

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