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WTF Is Inner Journeying?

Guided visualization that provide direct connection to an inner resource as an aspect of our own highest self.

WTF Is The Hero's Journey?

Taken as a map for our own inner experience, each aspect of the journey represents a part of ourselves.

WTF Is Emotional Maturity?

Willingness to be honest, self reveal, and a dedication to being vulnerable and transparent.

WTF Are Jungian Archetypes?

Myths, great stories and the characters in them are like instruction manuals for personal growth.

Active Imagination Through Guided Imagery

Everything we’ve ever thought, dreamed, imagined, or experienced is recorded in our bodies. 
The active imagination is a bridge between our conscious mind and the non-rational realms of body, emotion, and spirit. Creating a conscious inner dialogue between our physical, mental and spiritual awareness creates a holistic inner ego-system, where all parts of the self are validated and supported. 

Through guided imagery/visualization, which we call Inner Journeys, we can access realms of higher consciousness, historic experiences and our own emotional/spiritual self. The active imagination provides concrete forms that allow us to work directly with our unresolved emotional issues and past trauma as well as allowing us to have direct interaction with the spiritual or transpersonal world. Active imagination can be used to access profound resources for empowerment and personal growth in the form of guides and teachers, ancestors, nature spirits, God/Goddess, or our own highest self.

This type of inner work provides infinite opportunities for healing trauma, unwinding dysfunctional systems that underlie many addictions, and repatterning toxic core beliefs like shame, self-hatred, unworthiness or victimization.

Direct access to our emotions, our belief structures, and our stored experience provides a powerful gateway for personal growth.


We Are Never Alone

There is so much help available to us if we know how to access it. Whether we understand this Ocean Of Consciousness we live in as our own higher self, God, Nature, or Universal Mind is irrelevant. The truth is that we are part of something greater than ourselves. Accessing Higher Power, The Divine, The Great Mother - whatever your understanding of Source may be, will change the course of your life and your experience of it.

Like the greatest heroes, we do not travel our path alone. We need help. We need to know where to go, what to do and how to do it. The objective of our first journey is to gather spiritual help and discover the sacred inner space where our quest will begin.

The spiritual path we’re embarking on is all about exploring and navigating our own internal world. Seeking out important but long-buried parts of ourselves and retrieving the life energy they hold is crucial to our development. The universal call is to heal and transform our inner demons and reveal the magnificent resources of our own highest self.

Because we are all connected as part of a greater whole, what happens to one person, affects us all - positively or negatively. When we do our inner work, we help the village. By retrieving the treasure of our own authentic self, we enrich the lives of everyone we come in contact with, whether we are aware of it or not. From this perspective, any personal growth we do improves the quality of the collective pool of experience from which we all drink.

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